Lazy days



Pink day

Day dedicated to the photo shoot about my last work: #Cronycle, hope to publish these pictures on my portfolio soon :)

Thanks @squallstar I can't wait to start drawing in <3

An entire Sunday working on the new #portfolio and is not ready yet... Too boring :(

Hidden kingdoms

Inspired by the one of most brilliant episode of the BBC Hidden Kingdoms series :)

Little Paris

First time I had a"boarding" on a train ^__^

The noise but tropical hotel :)

This is the right book for you

The perfect family with the perfect palette of colours!

Parfums du Paris

My necklace is finally at home ;D

He was looking at the Eiffel Tower. Meanwhile, this is the best picture I could take there :D

The queen of Gipsy


The lion and the rabbit

About food

This is my first oyster ever, I was so scared to try one.... Oh my god now I love them!! Thanks Nichan to made me try it! :D

Mintstagram week 62

Brother's home

Giugiu the wild :)

Birds #pontepietra

Pice of sky above #Verona

Minimal Garda lake

Dad <3

Giugiu's home

Un po' scionfo #verona #lake #yesterday

Big problems of identity

O'neill angel :)

Mintstagram week 61

Start with an end

Thanks Sarah and Matteo for the lovely night :)

Cheshire Cat

My mom is the best! #chiacchierino

Ely and the doll.. Michan XD

Mintstagram week 60

Off white

Nichan ti sei rovinato tra gli hipster!

Need to remove one pound of winter onion level from me! Spring come early please!




Concentration, we need to find "Batman returns" '92!

Xbox one or Psp4? Mmmm for now better enjoy what we have... For now @squallstar