A week at home

Just a bit of traffic #VSCOcam #london #busses #red #traffic

Sweetness #VSCOcam #little #hamster #white

I really want keep working, but someone doesn't agree with me! #VSCOcam #cat #embroidery #wood #relax #winter

My beautiful⭐️ mum ⭐️#VSCOcam #family #mum #smile #yellow

Dad Mushroom #VSCOcam #family #pasticcino #coffee

Pepe's game #VSCOcam #dog #coat #yellow #blue #shoes

One ring to rule them all... And now thanks to @giuliaribesnero that ring it mine!! #VSCOcam #handmade #craft #ring #madeinitaly #ribesnero

It's already time to leave, but this time just for a little bit. See you in Christmas ⭐️⭐️#VSCOcam #verona #home #river #coat #yellow #blue

I hate fly, but this was cool #VSCOcam #sky #landscape #mountains #fly

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