A week full of lovely goodbye

Came back to the reality, luck that started well! #VSCOcam #friends #bakery #smile #cappuccino

This morning we found a totally new beautiful murals near the office, @reirabbit couldn't walk straight for the surprise! #Shoreditch #fashion #hat #style #winter #london #murals #street art

In a freezing London here a muscovite version of @reirabbit #VSCOcam #Shoreditch #fashion #hat #style #winter #london

From here start my last Christam night with @_wilsonfletcher we are ready to have some fun!! #VSCOcam #christmas #suit #red #balloon #office

We are really exciting @reirabbit #burlesque #london #christmas #party

Too many chooses during Xmas time... But we are not complaining #VSCOcam #christmasmarket #salmon #foodlondon #london #tate

It's real love.. Real looove #VSCOcam #oysters #market #boroughmarket #london #londonfood

️Sweet️ #VSCOcam #market #sweet #chocolate #winter #londonfood

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