A week at home

The orange m&m are always discriminated #vscocam #m&m #chocolate #orange

Every things started to be so orange... #vscocam #orange #autumn #shoes

Started our very #geekgirl night!with @anikamaessen ️#vscocam #geek #ux #event

Ok it's definitely too cold to swim but still pretty cool this place! #vscocam #geekgirl #pool #club #landscape #london

Starting the day with my 27years old boyfriend and helicopter... #vscocam #boyfriend #helicopter #morning #toy

A proper pizza! vscocam #pizza #mushrooms #egg #food

One week ago we were here #vscocam #hk #village #dog

Think of you #vscocam #night #light #hands

Halloween is in the air... and ice-creams! #vscocam #Halloween #pumpkin #orange

A sweet horrifying gift #vscocam #horror #tea #nightmares #frames

Thanks @squallstar #anniversary #love #balloon

These guys were brilliant, never laugh so much! #Mexican #burrito #music #show #Halloween

5 years with my sweet creature #vscocam #boyfriend #anniversary #kiss

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