Birds' lake

Club of pigeons

I'm watching you

B/W details #2


On Saturday morning, when Verona stills quiet and peaceful, I like to walk through Sottoriva and its alleys. This is the my favorite neighborhood of the city.

romantic pin

I finally finished my last embroidery!!

Made with love

It's Friday!!!
What a joy, here in Verona the sun shines and the air is filled by a scent that reminds me the spring!
Today I feel myself a bit romantic and that's why I wanted to publish  some photos about few accessories dear to me that were made by Sarah (my chief at YLSF).

The headband with flowers and the striped wool scarf (made with fiber of milk) are gifts that were given to me at Christmas, while the kitten on the pin is my last embroidery!

Oh, thanks Alessandra for the help!

Casual Tiger

If you like this illustration you can download it in high definition from this link: