A week into the wild

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A lovely walk in the middle of nowhere with @squallstar ⭐️#deer #wild #nature #brown #richmondpark

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The little prince #VSCOcam #deer #wild #park #richmond #animal

Discovered just today the Columbia Road flower Market , happy London can always surprises me️ #VSCOcam #music #londonstreets #columbiaroad #flowermarket #london


A week of projects

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A day as this one totally needs some consolation food #VSCOcam #soup #chicken #shoreditch #wood

A new lazy friend to add in my list!#VSCOcam #pug #dog #stars!

That you're sleeping or working or just changing you're life, I hope you can have a lovely weekend #VSCOcam #wireframes #app #belocalapp #weekend

^__^ always a work in progress #VSCOcam #embroidery #fox #relax #illustration

Edges House: the Living room!

Ok there are a million of years I don't public anything on my dear blog!
In this month I was too busy, but  today I decided to don't take any jobs because after 7 months finaly I can see my mom because she comes in London to visit me..... Wiii, I am really HAPPY.... but she arrives at 4 o'clok and in this time of "liberte" I took advantage to make this post about my personal restyling of our own new apartament in Angel!

When the Estate Agency gave us the House was a totaly distaster, they promised us to fix, clean and painting the house before our arrive.... but this didn't happen.... and you can guess our sorprise and disappointed when the day of the move we found a disaster (after paying a lot of money to have certainty to receive a service).
Anyway, we worked a lot to create a nice place where to live. The house it is not really ready because we miss many painting to hang on the walls, but I happy to show you some views of the house!
We start from the Living room, for me the must important room of the apartament!
We bought the poster at London Transport Museum the day of Nicholas birthday.
It's a print of the underground's departure times of the the day of his inauguration!
I love to have fresh flowers around the house, and usually I use to put them inside a Weck's vase. In London it easy find them, but i think the brand is Italian!
The yellow mat come from to Anthropologie.... ok if I could, of course, I would like to live inside that shop!!!
And now we start with many pictures about the details around the room:
This is the "enchanted forest" shelf
We live to 5 minutes walk from Camden Passage, a nice street full of shops and markets to sell antique/old stuff. Many objects on this shelf came from there.
This tiny cute bear it was made in Englad in 1960... grrr isn't it super wild??
This is the "color block" shelf
The beautiful yellow vase came from.... Anthropologie, and many other things around the house too!!
 (Go to see the link because it is different from the other on the top!)
This time I'm really trying to keep alive a few plants
This mug waits we find a nice succulent plant and yes... you just know the reply.... ANTHROPOLOGIE!!!! 
This is my work space, I love it especially the step stool. You can notice the last things survivor from the move XD
The embroidered pillow we took last year in a market during the feast of the neighborhood in Caledonia Road near our old house, instead the lama came from our last travel in Japan, Nicholas won form me!
Some frames to took at the Market of Camden Passage..... they wait me.... I am too lazy and I can't decided what picture or illustration to print!!
I know there are too many pictures but this room is really big and for now this is all!
The next room will the Bathroom ;)

Winter Gupillo Embroidery

Finally after one month I finished this embroidery!!

I'm very happy because it was a hard work but now that is finish the satisfaction is high ^__^

Fox embroidered - W.P.

In this week I worked a lot for this embroidery that you can see incomplete in this moment.
I hope to finish in short time!

Super Bear

Romance is dead

romantic pin

I finally finished my last embroidery!!